Master Planning Optimization

Let our System Analytics team turn a complex data analysis of your manufacturing facility into an actionable master plan.

Gathering and analyzing data through Digital Twins and System Auditing is only the beginning of the process. That information needs to be distilled into practical applications in order to make critical capital investment decisions. Our System Analytics team can lay out a series of proposed scenarios in a concise, objective manner so that you can have confidence when it comes to making decisions for the future of your business.

係統容量分析:Make every square foot of your facility count.

When it is time to increase your production capacity, our System Analytics team can help you grow intelligently. We have the tools to identify what the true capacity of your operation is and to help you identify the impacts of growth on your future systems.

CAPEX & OPEX ROI Analysis: Justify the right capital investments for your manufacturing plant.

增長是偉大的,但增長可能是昂貴的。我們can help you validate large expenditures before you go all-in on that new expansion and new equipment. Our team has helped clients save millions on assets that don’t justify the cost and has identified more profitable areas to redirect their planned spending for a better return.

Warehouse Capacity Analysis: Ensure the most effective use of storage space.

Effective supply chains often depend on critical storage space, but warehouses can be expensive to lease and maintain. Through in-depth data analysis, our team will help you right-size your warehouse to fit your operations. From humidity-controlled to freezer storage, our tools identify your exact warehouse needs and provide areas where you can reduce costs, such as standard racking and special storage requirements.

Material Flow Analysis: Identify potential pinch points and maximize your production flow.

Manufacturing operations have a lot of moving parts. By optimizing your layout, labor, and storage spaces, you can connect areas for a more effective flow. Through our System Analytics tools, we can analyze space utilization, dock door requirements, forklift traffic patterns, and more.

Labor Analysis: Effectively allocate and deploy your human resources.

Knowing your workforce is key to a successful operation. Shift scheduling, changeover timing, maintenance requirements and other factors can have a major impact on your production. Our System Analytics team uses tools to help optimize your labor without compromising production capabilities.

Production Scheduling: Plan every detail to amplify production efficiency.

When generic ERP scheduling systems fall short, we can pick up the slack. We use cutting-edge software to build a custom scheduling application for daily use by planners. This maximizes the throughput of your site and provides a minute-to-minute breakdown of production. These tools communicate with ERP systems and can fit seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Vice President – Packaging Operations


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