Bently Heritage Distillery



Bringing ultra-modern, high-proof spirits production to century-old structures.

In the small enclave of Minden, Nevada, a mountain pass away from South Lake Tahoe, Bently Heritage set out to fulfill a vision for farm-to-flask spirits production. At the center of this vision were two historic buildings in the heart of Minden, each over 100 years old. Where they were once used as a grain mill and dairy creamery, the two facilities needed to be updated and converted to manufacture high-proof spirits, including vodka, gin, brandy and whiskey. Outfitting these historic structures with miles of process piping and equipment required a high level of skill and industry knowledge, which is what brought Bently Heritage to Haskell.


We put together an all-star team of architects, engineers, project managers, a certified master distiller and a range of other subject matter experts to execute this one-of-a-kind project. This team visited over 50 different distilleries, breweries and suppliers to generate a library of industry best practices for process design and installation. Our design scope included a dry grain conveyance system, high-proof distillation systems, spirits blending systems, casking and disgorging, and two caustic CIP systems as well as the utility systems, controls and automation technology to support the process. With four independently operating distillation systems, the production of the distiller’s single-malt and American whiskeys, brandy and clear spirits is driven by a complex network that includes more than 10 miles of piping, 40 miles of controls cable, 1800 valves, 80 vessels, and both traditional and nontraditional aging environments.


虛擬設計與施工(VDC)prevented costly conflicts.


A unique challenge resulted in a one-of-a-kind legacy landmark for high-proof spirits distillation.

Working in tandem with the team at Bently Heritage, as well as vendors and suppliers from around the world, Haskell helped infuse a national landmark with 21st-century infrastructure that will set a new standard for sustainable production.

  • Unique EPC project to convert a 100+-year-old historic grain mill and dairy creamery into a distillery for multiple high proof spirits
  • Managed complex multi-partner scope with a Roles & Responsibilities Matrix
  • 設計包括工藝和材料handling systems for dry grain conveyance, spirits distillation and blending, casking and disgorging, and CIP systems
  • Additional utilities, controls and automation were also added to the design to support the process systems
  • Utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination to manage 80+ P&IDs, 300+ equipment datasheets, and 350+ process drawings
  • Over 3,000+ submittals were reviewed and processed in order to find the best vendors to procure the 3100+ process devices needed for the project
  • Construction installed over 10 miles of piping, 40 miles of controls cable, 1800+ valves, 500+ instruments, 70+ Stainless steel tanks, and many other elements
  • LEED Gold Certified
司長 - 啤酒,葡萄酒和烈酒

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