Innovation is woven through our DNA.

Haskell’s venture capital arm looks for new solutions to longstanding problems.

Dysruptek, Haskell’s venture capital, research and development arm, is dedicated to scouting, piloting and investing in emerging technologies disrupting the industry, as well as capitalizing on the innovations and intellectual capital of Haskell’s diverse employee base. Dysruptek addresses the problems of safety, efficiency and overall lack of digitization of construction projects that hinder the industry.

We’re developing the best possible solutions to drive the evolution of architecture, engineering and construction.

在recent years, funding has flooded to startups developing technologies to solve industry needs. Dysruptek is dedicated to identifying the best solutions and applying them across Haskell’s extensive project base to build a safer and more sustainable future. These emerging solutions can be used to solve industry challenges if properly harnessed to achieve design, engineering and construction-specific tasks. This dedicated focus on innovation allows Haskell to continue to deliver excellence across all projects.

Manager – Construction Technology & Innovations

Focused on identify strategic investments in early stage technology companies with solutions addressing the major challenges facing AEC.

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